Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on MyDisk

As you already know security is a major concern always, moreover, in a world connected cloud environment these threats are increasing every day. The Two factor Authentication (2FA) feature allows you to control who and when someone is using your credentials, adding safety to your digital services.

The Research and Development Lab (Computer Science Department – UPC) team are committed to the European IT good practices and the safety of your research data. Therefore, we now strongly encourage you to enable the 2FA in the MyDisk/MyGitLab platform as shown in the MyDisk video-howto-tutorial (Help red button).

We suggest you enable several 2FA options in order to provide a resilient login environment just in case (you have no mail access or mail takes longer than expected, your TOTP app is not working…):

– PIN to your email address

– TOTP (Time-based one-time password) applications such as FreeOTP, Google Authenticator, KeePass, Authy

– Backup codes (secret disposable codes that can be used only once).

Thank you for trusting /rdlab.

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