Research Cloud

Our Research Cloud service provides a perfect environment to foster your research and technology transfer processes. Our added value proposal focuses on these premises:

  • Customized service. Since 2010 our staff only provides support for research groups. We know about research constraints, their timing and needs.

    We are involved with your research because we team up with you, we become aware about your fields of knowledge and care about your results.
  • Flexibility. Research is a dynamic environment where test, evaluation and development cannot be fulfilled with a “standard service”. We understand how important a quick response time is, as well as being verbose and interactive.

    Furthermore, every research stage (exploring, proof of concept, test, development…) requires a different support approach where adaptability and flexibility are key not to slow down your work.
  • Scalability. Research is not a linear process and has its own pace, usually off the beaten path.

    A wise approach is to allocate IT resources as needed. Growing as your projects consolidate not only because of efficiency or budget constraints, but to be competitive.

The /rdlab also provides the “dreamcatcher” service in order to foster new ideas, research lines and innovation.

Research needs time and funding, so we temporarily assign to our researchers some cloud resources at no charge for their technology development at TRL stages 1 and 2.

Contact us for more information. We want to hear from you!