The MyDisk cloud platform service provides an easy-to-use, safe and reliable environment for research groups and their collaborators. We offer a place to store, manage and share your information and communication needs regardless of their size. Also, you can benefit from several social features like secure web on-line conference calls (single or multiple participant), live chat or collaborative file edition.

We provide a worldwide access environment, taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of cloud systems. Furthermore, the MyDisk platform is fully functional with just a web browser and an Internet connection, granting you an easy and flexible access. You can also use specific clients (powered by Nextcloud) for your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone here and consult our online user documentation.

Among other features, the MyDisk service provides:

  • Initial quota of 100GBytes for all users (can grow up to PBytes)
  • A fully functional web interface for all features
  • A secure Web call service for our users (available for external guests)
  • Easy sharing of your files and folders with UPC and external users
  • ClamAV Free OpenSource Antivirus Service
  • 10Gb connection to the UPC backbone network

Contact us for more information. We want to hear from you!