Research Support

The Research and Development lab (/rdlab) endeavours to enhance the research and technology transfer processes through a second to none IT support and services. We engage with your research because:

  • We understand the research timings, needs and their constraints.

  • Research is not a one size fits all business. We are aware of your research scope, tailoring our services and support.

  • We are involved in your projects, teaming with you in order to provide the best solution.

  • We provide individual technology consulting services for researchers, from the initial assessment of their proposals and tendering procedures, to the delivery of results.

Since 2010 we have consolidated a highly qualified team focused in the High Performance Computing and research cloud services. A continued economic investment in our IT infrastructure and facilities lets us provide the latest technology to multidisciplinary areas of Computer Science, such as computing, bioinformatics, genomics, natural language, or virtual reality.

During these years, we have teamed with several research groups from the UPC, other fellow European universities and prominent research centers. Here you can find a list of some of them:

ALBCOMALgorithms, Bioinformatics, COmplexity and formal Methods
CCIADepartamento de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial
CEABCentro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes
CITCEACentre de Innovación Tecnológica en Convertidores Estáticos y Accionamentos
DTIMDatabase Technologies and Information Management Group
GIEGrup d’Informàtica a l’Enginyeria
GITSGrupo de Investigación en Transporte de Sedimentos
GRPLNGrup de Recerca en Processament del Llenguatge Natural.
KEMLGKnowledge Engineering and Machine Learning Group
LARCALaboratori d’Algorísmia Relacional, Complexitat i Aprenentatge
LOGPROGLògica i Programació Informàtica
MACDAMAnagement of Complex DAta.
MTMachine Translation
PADSProcess And Data Science
SOCOSoft Computing
TALPCenter for Language and Speech Technologies and Applications
VIRVIGVisualization, Virtual Reality and Graphics Interaction
VISVision and Intelligent Systems Research Group

Besides, the /rdlab has successfully collaborated in multiple national and European projects, delivering solutions to scientific and social challenges. Here you can find a list of some of them:

ProjectDescriptionResearch code
3D4LIFEVisualization, modeling, simulation and interaction with 3D models. Applications in life sciences and urban environmentsTIN2017-88515-C2-1-R
ALGGENAlgorithmics and Genetics Group 
APCOMAPrendizaje y COMunicaciónTIN2014-­57226-­P
AUTARA Unified Theory of Algorithmic RelaxationsH2020‐648276
CAMOMILECollaborative Annotation of multi-MOdal, Multi-Lingual and multi-mEdia documents 
CAREGIVERSPRO-MMDHelping patients with dementia and caregivers connectH2020‐690211
CHILComputers in the Human Interaction Loop 
COIN-GPCRComputational Intelligence for Knowledge Discovery from G Protein-Coupled ReceptorsTIN2016-79576-R
COMMASModelos y métodos computacionales para datos masivos estructuradosTIN2013-46181-C2-1-R
DAMASA Declarative Approach to Model, Analyse and Solve problemsTIN2013-­45732-­C4-3‐P
DIALCATLa Diabetis com accelerador de deteriorament cognitiu i malaltia d’ Alzheimer: abordatge integral d’un problema socio-sanitari de primera magnitud a CatalunyaCOMRDI15-1-0024-13
FATEFAll DeTector for the ElderlyCIP‐297178
FAUSTFeedback Analysis for User Adaptive Statistical TranslationFP7-ICT-2009-4
FREETechRazonamiento formal para tecnologias facilitadoras y emergentesRTI2018-094403-B-C33
FORMALISMMétodos formales y algoritmos para el diseño de sistemasTIN2007-66523
GEN3DLIVEGeneración, simulación y visualización de modelos 3D a partir de grandes conjuntos de datosTIN2014‐52211-­C2-­1­‐R
GRAMMModelos y métodos basados en grafos para la computación en gran escalaTIN2017-86727-C2-1-R
GRAPH-MEDSemantic graph extractionTIN2016-77820-C3-3-R
I-DONT-FALLIntegrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLsCIP-­297225
INTERACTHelping computers comprehend human languageERC-2019-STG E01415
IWALKER TEC2011­‐29106‐C02­‐02
KAPPA-AIMKnowledge Acquistion in Pharmacoproteomics using artificial intelligence methodsTIN2012-31377
KNOW-2Desarrollo de Tecnologías Multilingües a Gran Escala para la Comprensión del Lenguaje Natural.TIN2009-14715-C04-01
L4IDSLearning for Innovative Design for Sustainability 
LoBaSS TIN2015-­69175‐C4‐3‐R
MACDAGestión y análisis de datos complejoTIN2017-89244-R
MOLTOMultilingual On-Line Translation 
OpenMT-2Traducción automática híbrida y evaluación avanzadaTIN2009-14675-C03-01
PEPPHERPerformance Portability and Programmability for Heterogeneous Many-core Architectures 
PERATALLADA el repte final  
PRESENCCIAPresence: Research Encompassing Sensory Enhancement, Neuroscience, Cerebral-Computer Interfaces and Application 
RehAdapta TEC2014‐56256-­C2‐2-P
REMPARKPersonal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s Disease 
SALMonFramework for monitoring QoS attributes of web services 
SAMVASimulación, modelado avanzado y análisis visual interactivo de grandes conjuntos de datosTIN2013-­47137-­C2-1-­P
SHAREBOXSecure SharingH2020-680843
SHOCKOMICSMultiscale approach to the identificacion molecular biomarkersFP7-HEALTH-2013-602706
SKATERScenario Knowledge Acquisition by Textual ReadingTIN2012-38584-C06-01
SweetLogicsLOGPROG: Logics and ProgrammingTIN2010-­21062-­C02-­01
TACARDITraducción automática en contexto y aumentada con recursos dinámicos de Internet.TIN2012-38523-C02-00
TASSAT2Teoría y aplicaciones en satisfactibilidad y optimización de restriccionesTIN2013-­48031-­C4-1-­P
TextServerPlatform that provides linguistic analysis of texts 
XLIKECross-lingual Knowledge ExtractionFP7-ICT-2011.4.2-288342
Aspectos físicos y tácticos del deporte Fútbol Club Barcelona
Conveni HP-SOW
Convenio de asistencia técnica PROSAEGRADIANT
Desenvolupament de mostradors virtuals
Descubrimiento de patrones
Desenv.algor.models 3D RHINOCEROS
Investigación en técnicas SAT y SMTBARCELOGIC
Ordenació territorial fluxos de pacientsSERVEI CATALÀ DE LA SALUT
Path finding for SpatialOSImprobable Worlds Limited
Programación lineal y lower boundingBARCELOGIC
Ray-tracing techniques on GRIN lensesLUXEXCEL Holding BV

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