The CERTEC research group now at /rdlab

The Center for Technological Risk Studies (CERTEC) are focused in the research and training programs relating to various aspects of risk and safety such as:

• Technological risk studies: mathematical modelling of major accidents, fires, explosions, toxic clouds, hazardous materials transport, study cases of real accidents, etc.

• Fire management: Infrared monitoring systems, fire behavior prediction systems, wildland-urban interface fire impact analysis, etc.

• Training, organizing and teaching in courses, seminars and workshops.

• Expert report for insurance companies, private enterprises and courts.

Among other national and international projects (full list here) the CERTEC is currently involved in the 3D Fire LABoratory (3DFIRELAB), VESPRA (Vulnerable Elements in Spain and Portugal and Risk Assessment) and Closing Gaps in Measurements, Modeling and Understanding.

We welcome the CERTEC staff to the /rdlab services and to the research cluster IT support.