/rdlab Services

Here you can find a quick overview of our main services in order to provide you a quick guide about /rdlab at a glance. As a public institution, we have a strong commitment to society and the common good. Therefore, we encourage in our research service: free software, responsible behavior and environmental awareness policies (more details here).

Our MyDisk/Mytalk service is a safe dedicated platform for storing, sharing and managing your research data regardless their size hosted at UPC facilities. It provides, also, a safe and private videoconference environment that can be easily accessed through any browser. It is fully integrated with the MyDisk platform and the recordings are safely managed by the user itself.

You can check the MyDisk/MyTalk features and further service details here.

Our High Performance Computing (HPC) service provides a specific powerful environment for your simulations and heavy calculation needs, offering CPU and GPU computing support. Moreover, our HPC platform offers a graphical report web system to review your job usage and statistics (S-GAE, Simple Graphical Accounting Engine).

You can check our HPC features and further service details here.

Our JupyterHub HPC service offers an easy to use interactive supercomputing web platform for your parallel computations. It is fully integrated with our HPC service, providing a powerful link among the JupyterHub capabilities and the computing services.

You can check our JupyterHub features and further service details here.

Our MyGitLab dedicated instance, offers you a safe and self-managed code repository for your research developments and projects. You can develop your source code in a standalone mode or use the share workgroup capabilities of the GIT paradigm.

Our Database services can provide a reliable and scalable solution for your data needs. Your projects can take advantage of SQL services (MariaDB/Galera Cluster) as well as non-SQL options (MongoDB, ElasticSearch…).

Feel free to contact us here for more information about our research support.