S-GAE (Simple Graphical Accounting Engine) is a web application developed at /rdlab to graphically display the accounting information generated by our HPC queue manager. We provide eye-candy charts grouped by user, queue, full cluster or historical (yearly). Moreover, you can use several filter options to customize the results.

S-GAE has been released under a free GNU license and supports all the Grid Engine family queue systems and currently we are working on the Slurm version.

Several investigation departments and research institutions are currently using S-GAE to display the statistics of their live clusters. These are some of them:

Source code and downloading:

The installation manual is included in the /installation folder. Follow the steps described in order to install s-gae2 and generate a configuration file.

As an administrator, once the code is overwritten, the index.php page will forward you to the updater page. You will also be prompted to run the updater when you access the admin.php page.


Username: public_sgae
Password: public_sgae

Contact us for more information. We want to hear from you!