/rdlab: Bronze Sponsor of the Cosmic Research association

The Research and Development Lab (/rdlab) proudly sponsors the Cosmic Research initiative, a non-profit UPC students’ association dedicated to the development of suborbital low-cost rockets for peaceful applications with scientific applications.

Currently, the Cosmic Research association is working on several programmes like:

– The Bondar Mission aims to launch a rocket into the stratosphere (+9 km) to demonstrate the technologies involved in the launch: the rocket and its ground systems.

– The custom CanSat launcher with its Orion-I motor and our homemade solid propellant, can reach velocities of 200 m/s and altitudes of 1500 m and deliver up to 6 CanSats. It is also equipped with an apogee detection system to release the satellites with a small gunpowder charge and a dual parachute deployment system that allows it to safely return to the ground and be reused.

More information at: